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Materials Science & Engineering Center

The solution to your most important challenges

Altran’s Materials Science & Engineering Center (MS&EC) was founded to provide engineering and technology consulting services to industry. MS&EC’s integrated team of engineers, scientists, and technical specialists tackles challenging problems by providing integrated design, engineering and laboratory testing services.

The ability to augment our design, engineering and materials expertise with a top-notch laboratory provides us with unique capabilities.  Our capabilities go well beyond laboratory analyses to provide valuable advisory services for design, qualification, failure mitigation and prevention.  Our team accomplishes this by recommending manufacturing, design, modifications and materials selection considering operations, maintenance and the environment.

Altran offers expert leadership in the following areas:

  • Engineering Investigation
  • Failure Analysis
  • Material, Component, and System Testing
  • Material Selection
  • Process Innovation
  • Cross Industry Knowledge
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Material and Component Degradation

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Failure Analysis, Root Cause, and Mitigation

The MS&EC offers high end analysis and laboratory based testing services that focus on performing investigations and solving problems for our clients.  We emphasize a methodical approach that focuses on root cause analysis. Failure Analysis requires broad-based engineering skills, fundamental materials knowledge, forensic experience, and scientific objectivity. With our integrated engineering and laboratory capabilities, we provide this unusually broad capability.  We understand the criticality of timely and responsive results to support tight deadlines and crisis management.

Where radioactive materials are utilized, the MS&EC is licensed to handle radioactively contaminated samples.

Testing and Simulations

Testing with custom made mock-up simulations are often used to solve complex engineering problems or to assess a material, system, structure or component.  This can be performed on-site or in the MS&EC’s laboratory. Our testing and analysis laboratory allows us to perform a wide range of laboratory testing including:

Custom setups/fabrication

Prototype testing

Accelerated aging

Product Development

Designing or redesigning a product requires a thorough understanding of materials, components, and systems. Our experience with failure mechanisms for a multitude of products in various industries gives our clients the edge to successfully develop their next product.  Whether the product is a critical spacecraft component or a toaster oven, safety, reliability, function and cost containment are critical issues designers and manufacturers must face.

Hot Lab

Altran's Hot Lab allows us to offer the full services of Altran Laboratories to projects involving radioactive material. We are able to examine, test, analyze, and investigate radioactive samples without requiring prior decontamination that could alter materials or remove evidence valuable to the analysis.

Materials Consulting

Decisions in the area of materials selection, usage, and processing are impacted by design, technical, and economic factors.  In order to be genuinely effective with these materials decisions, it is necessary to consider all of the factors which affect your business.  Altran has the experience, staff, and tools needed to help you make optimal materials decisions and to put your team on the path to better decision making.

Corrosion/Degradation Assessments

Corrosion, wear, and deposits on structures and equipment can lead to accelerated aging, reduced reliability, and operational problems. Altran provides a diverse range of corrosion engineering and testing services, from failure analysis to materials selection and mitigation. As facilities and equipment age, the needs to understand and correctly resolve corrosion and materials-related issues has become a fundamental part of a plant optimization and reliability strategy. Altran's experience with corrosion in manufacturing and product development environments uniquely enables us to provide practical and cost-effective solutions.

Mechanical Testing

Altran can develop and fabricate fully customized fixtures in its own in-house machine shop for the evaluation of standard or non-standard samples and component testing. We have extensive experience in evaluating various sized and non-standardized prototypes, samples and components.  The MS&EC is experienced and proficient at designing unique customized tests with computer control, data acquisition and video overlay monitoring in-progress testing with detailed playback.  Testing can be performed in cold, humid and elevated controlled temperature using various environmental chambers. Our mechanical testing capabilities include tensile, compression, bend, peel, burst, stress relaxation, fatigue, hardness testing, etc.



Testing Metallography


Optical microscopy

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis

Chemical analysis

Polymer characterization & testing

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy

Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Thermal aging

Mechanical testing (low and high temperatures)

Hardness and microhardness testing

Product performance testing

Specialized test fixturing

Corrosion analysis and testing

Electrical analysis and testing