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Quality Intelligence

Life Science industry is facing major challenges with a slowdown of the overall market growth, patent expiries, intense competition from generics, and tightening regulations that slow new product introductions. As a response to these challenges, the industry has massively invested in R&D (+50% in 8 years) and has launched a cost-cutting campaign to maintain the margins.

The innovative approach to optimize quality systems

Quality Intelligence is an exclusive approach developed by Altran that assesses and improves the maturity of a Quality System in a Life Science environment. Based on a unique methodology, QI complies with Life Science industry most demanding regulations and takes into consideration the organization’s business needs.

Managing quality systems with QI is the guarantee to reduce complexity, increase compliance, and drive performance from within.

Quality and Operational Managers get a broad vision of their quality system efficiency and prioritized actions to implement. First step to risk mitigation and cost reduction, get a diagnostic of your quality system with our in-house designed tool Q-MOD.




Get a personal insight into our activities

Interview with Dieter Unseld

Dieter Unseld - QI Responsible

Quality Intelligence is the result of our consultants’ sense of excellence and Life Sciences field expertise. More than a solution, it is a philosophy designed to rethink quality systems. Our goal is to increase their performance while maintaining the balance between risk and compliance. Quality Intelligence combines the best of our consultants’ knowledge in Quality Assurance and Operational Excellence.



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