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"Global partner for safe, compliant, efficient, and cost-effective life sciences and medical solutions"


The new global healthcare economy is increasingly patient/consumer-centric and focused on value, digitization, and wellness through improved health management. This changing focus is driven by the needs of an aging population, new payment models, cost pressures, and the need to show value-based outcomes. In order to adapt and keep up with these changes, our clients in all Life Sciences & Medical sectors face shifting business models, ever-increasing technology and process complexity, and other significant challenges to growth and profitability. We have the domain experience, technology expertise, and breadth of service offerings to help you define and deliver solutions that drive your ability to provide the demonstrable positive outcomes and value demanded today.


Altran is a leading partner of major pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices and Health Information Technology companies, helping them address major stakes such as innovation, time-to-market, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

We are a leading partner to well-established companies and startup ventures in pharma/biopharma, medtech, and health information technology, helping our clients drive innovation, time-to-market, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. We collaborate with you through comprehensive full product life cycle service offerings to address your needs for:

  • Pharma R&D, Manufacturing, and Operations systems solutions
  • Connected Health systems solutions
  • Medical Device design and development
  • Healthcare analytics and data management
  • Sustaining engineering

Our systems thinking-based, value-driven product life cycle services comprise Systems Architecture and Engineering, Industrial Design, Human Factors/User Experience, Multi-discipline Engineering (electrical, mechanical, software - embedded, enterprise, cloud, mobile), Verification, and Sustaining Engineering including value engineering, obsolescence management, product maintenance, and more.

We are ISO 13485, ISO 14971, and ISO 9001 certified, and embrace state-of-the-art design and development methodologies tailored to meet your specific needs. We offer flexible business terms and teaming models.

Key Facts

  • More than 30 years Life Sciences & Medical industry experience
  • Extensive FDA 510(k) and PMA experience with over 200 Class II or Class III products
  • Deep domain experience: 
    • Development standards - IEC 62304, IEC 62366, IEC 60601 and others 
    • Interoperability standards - HL7, IHE, FHIR, DICOM, DIRECT and others



Sectors Served

Pharma/Life Sciences

Clinical Trial Data Management & Analytics

Manufacturing Quality & Compliance

Companion Diagnostics & Drug Delivery

Medication Adherence

Enterprise Analytics & Data Management


Diagnostic - spot and continuous measurement systems, patient monitors

Therapeutic  - surgical assist, neurology, cardiology, drug delivery, other

Imaging  - multi-modality image capture, visualization, workflow and data management

Lab & Test Systems - test  device control systems, lab automation, workflow, data management

Health Information Technology

Population & Risk Management

Health Information Exchange & Care Transfer

Clinical Information Systems

Interoperability & Device Connectivity

Advanced Analytics