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Key Assets

A World Class Center (WCC) dedicated to Business Process Excellence & Compliance in Life Sciences 

The World Class Center Life Sciences Process Excellence provides best-in-class consulting expertise in defining and guiding core business processes and organizational transformations using innovative methods and metrics, specifically designed for Life Sciences and based on intensive benchmarks. The World Class Center is successfully cooperating with major Life Sciences companies around the world. 

Transforming data into added value: World Class Center Analytics

Altran’s World Class Center for Analytics uses data science and analytics to accelerate evidence-based decision-making in both operations and strategy. With a longstanding expertise in the Life sciences sector, it delivers ROI across the value chain from early research to manufacturing.

Analytics Partnership is a flexible managed service providing expert analytics and data science capability. It increases the speed of deployment  of analytics at client sites, reduces bottlenecks caused by shortages of technical resources, and provides greater access to innovation from other industries. It increases project team velocity and improves VP-level decision-making.

Major industry players such as GSK and AstraZeneca have partnered with the World Class Center for Analytics.

VueForge® Connect, our in-house IoT platform (ISO 13485)

Altran develops end-to-end IoT solutions with a specific focus on the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, connecting any device (medical device, drug distribution,  wearable, etc.) or database, and making for better knowledge of patients and devices.

For rapid development of Proof of Concepts or solution deployments, Altran leverages its VueForge® Connect IoT platform, compliant with international health data management standards and regulations (ISO 13485). 

E Health, Altran Research & Innovation program:

Rethinking health services in the digital age to develop and assess innovative health solutions

Improving quality of life and the structure of a sustainable sector is the ambitious goal of the Altran E-health Research & Innovation program, which focuses on patient follow-up and prevention, healthcare professional efficiency and evaluation of new technologies for the Healthcare sector.


Sanofi Genzyme

Paving the way for an evolving strategy

To help Genzyme expand its development strategy into the sector of gene therapy for a major production site, the Altran World Class Center Life Sciences Process Excellence was entrusted with the task of structuring the program, setting out a roadmap and providing change management to ensure the successful transformation of the site’s activity.


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