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Substation Engineering & Design

Altran provides the highest quality services in all engineering disciplines to utility, industrial, commercial, and institutional customers as well as to independent power producers, rural electric cooperatives, municipal electric companies, and others involved in the production, transmission, distribution and utilization of electric power.

Altran engineers and designs complete substations, additions to substations, and equipment replacements - both planned and emergency. We have experience designing the installation of circuit breakers, transformers, and switches from low voltage to 500 kV.

Typical examples of projects Altran has designed include:

  • Feasibility studies and conceptual layouts
  • Turnkey EPC package to owner standards
  • Grounding system analysis and design
  • Project and construction management 500kV transmission line
  • 345kV, 230kV, 138kV, 69kV, 24kV, 13.8kV and 12kV substation additions
  • Scheduled and emergency replacement of 345kV, 230kV, 138kV, 69kV, 24kV, 13.8kV and 12kV power circuit breakers
  • Complete 138kV - 13.8kV and 69kV - 12kV substations, including unit substations
  • GIS substations
  • Installation of 345kV series reactors
  • Installation of outdoor switchgear
  • Scheduled and emergency replacement of substation transformers and bus conductors
  • Reinforcements to support structures
  • Emergency replacement of support structures
  • Replacement of protective relays, protective relay panels, and auxiliary equipment
  • Installation of shunt capacitor banks
  • Protective relay schemes for:
    • Transmission Line protection
    • Distribution Feeder protection
    • Transformer protection
    • Bus protection
    • Series and shunt reactor protection
    • Capacitor protection
    • Breaker failure

Our comprehensive, multidisciplinary capabilities allow us to handle complete designs including site grading and cut and fill, foundations for structures, transformers  and circuit breakers, SPCC for oil filled equipment, support structures, control houses, ground grids, cable, conduit, cable trench, and duct banks, low voltage AC and DC panels, relay panels, perimeter security as well as all other features commonly encountered when designing outdoor, open air substations.


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