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NERC Compliance

Altran is prepared to assist in the preparation, review, and verification of NERC mandated documentation related to the design and operation of the bulk power system in North America.

Altran can perform independent audits of documents, data bases, calculations, protective relay settings, design practices, and operating and maintenance practices in preparation for NERC audits; in support of resolution of NERC findings; and as needed to provide assurance that historical data is correct and proper.

As part of the products Altran prepares for electric utilities, independent power producers, and major consumers of electrical power, Altran has developed:

  • Facility Ratings
  • Facility Connection Requirements
  • Steady-State System Models
  • Load Shedding Plans
  • Protective Relaying Schemes
  • Remedial Action Schemes
  • Underfrequency Relaying Schemes
  • Special Protection System Schemes
  • Protective Relay Loadability Calculations
  • System Protection Coordination

While supplementing client work groups, our staff has prepared

  • Disturbance Reports
  • Steady-State System Model
  • Analyzed Transmission and Generation Protection System Misoperations
  • Analyzed Protection System and Remedial Action Scheme Misoperations
  • Automatic Underfrequency Load Shedding Load Lists
  • Undervoltage Load Shedding Programs
  • Special Protection System Assessments
  • Transmission Relay Loadability

Our subject matter experts have the in-depth knowledge of transmission and distribution systems, connected loads, and generator capabilities to provide the level of confidence needed to address NERC issues on a nationwide basis.  Senior members of our staff have more 30-40 years of experience designing and operating electric transmission systems.  They have worked at the desks in power control centers, as switchmen in high voltage substations, and as project managers during construction of new facilities.

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