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Electrical System Studies and Analysis

Altran is prepared to develop system studies, short circuit studies, protective relay setpoint analysis, load flow studies, voltage studies, ground grid analysis, forensic investigations, structure load analysis, cable pulling calculations, motor starting calculations, generator sizing, battery and charger sizing and a wide variety of other calculations, studies, and analysis needed to justify new installations, equipment retrofits, and continued operation.

Altran can use models, programs and databases loaded on client supplied laptops; commercially available programs with Altran developed models; or a combination or user supplied data and Altran models.

Altran has:

  • Analyzed load flow and system impacts when small combined cycle generation was connected to a networked distribution system.
  • Studied new switchyard configurations at Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Utilized client databases to evaluate protective relay settings when new generators were proposed to be connected to a 138 KV network.
  • Developed ground grid calculations needed to justify design of ground grids at substations.
  • Developed battery and charger sizing calculations needed to support replacement of electromechanical relays with microprocessor based relays.
  • Performed forensic investigations of power cables, motors, relays, transformers, CCVTs, electric heaters, containment penetrations, etc.
  • Analyzed degraded grid conditions.
  • Developed motor starting calculations and supported restart of large motors.
  • Developed cable pulling calculations for low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cables pulled through conduits, duct banks, cable tray, etc.

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