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FAC Manager

Without using the correct FAC evaluation tools you may be wasting up to $4.5K per inspection location. 

Our FAC Manager software provides many benefits, but the most obvious is an immediate cost reduction of up to $275K on average, through eliminating or deferring unnecessary inspections.  Our software has proven to be the Industry leader in data management and inspection trending.  Use of the Average Band Method and other analysis techniques has allowed us to reduce inspection scope sizes by an average of >50 components per outage.”


What is FAC Manager?

With almost 20 years of field experience, FAC Manager is the best known, and most widely-used FAC analysis tool in the US.  Over half of the US nuclear fleet uses FAC Manager today.



Benefits include low risk and an unmatched ability to collaborate with your peers.  FAC Manager users enjoy a Cloud-based solution that delivers:

  • Low-Risk
    • Secure design to meet today’s (and tomorrow’s) cybersecurity requirements
    • The largest FAC user community in the world, including over half the US nuclear fleet
    • In service since 1996 means almost 20 years of field testing and experience
    • Rigorously tested and battle-driven through thousands of hours of use
    • Backed by Altran, a 20,000-employee, $2B global engineering firm
  • Secure Cloud-Based Architecture
    • Accessed through TLS/SSL communication security protocols, with asymmetric and symmetric encryption of all data during every user session
    • Also deployable on your servers, inside your firewall
    • Universally accessible, no matter where you are
    • No installation; just create an account for each user and go
  • Unmatched Ability to Share with Colleagues
    • FAC Manager is the only package specifically designed to help you collaborate and share information with peers at your utility as well as across the entire user community
    • Dedicated link to FACnet to collaborate with over 200 FAC professionals world-wide
    • Share, track, and disposition FAC Operating Experience using our purpose-built OE Manager function
  • User-Approved Functionality and Support
    • Avoid double-entry of NDE data to trending tool and CHECWORKS
    • 10-second component evaluations
    • Tcodemin calculator
    • Quickly develop your Outage Inspection Plan using the dedicated scoping tool
    • Maintenance Package includes free updates, technical support, and annual user training
  • Competitive Pricing
    • Initial setup fee plus annual maintenance
    • Also available for a flat annual fee


What's Next?

As part of our continuing commitment to this solution, development work is ongoing.  We have implemented many improvements this year, including server hardware and software replacements to increase responsiveness as well as functionality improvements.  This work is continuing, and we are proud to announce that version 4.0 will be released this fall.

Aaron Kelley, Director of Engineering Programs

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