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Flow Accelerated Corrosion

Buried Piping

Flow Accelerated Corrosion

Corrosion is a fundamental problem for power generators. To combat this problem, Altran developed an effective Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) program to identify early signs of pipe wall thinning and ruptures. If ignored, leaks and potentially catastrophic ruptures can endanger personnel safety and plant reliability as well as degrade other equipment -- valves, heater shells, tanks -- and other vessels. Ruptures can also lead to personnel injury, significant plant downtime and lost revenues.

Altran was also instrumental in the development and incorporation of plant operator input into plant FAC programs. We recently completed a report for EPRI entitled "Guidelines for Interviewing Plant Personnel within a Flow-Accelerated Corrosion Program" which provides the methodology used to obtain and incorporate operations input. Input from plant operations has proven to be an extremely important part of an effective FAC program.

  • Complete program development and review
  • CHECWORKS and CHECUP model development and reviews
  • System susceptibility screening
  • Outage plan development and support
  • Life Cycle Management

Altran has been active in treating FAC since it was first identified as a major concern for U.S. plants in the late '80s. Since then, we have evaluated more than half the nuclear plants and over 100 fossil plants in the U.S. for FAC, with the goal of minimizing costs to the utility and ensuring vigilant detection of worn components

Buried Piping

Buried piping and the effects of general and/or specialized corrosion create a hidden liability for commercial, industrial and all types of power generation facilities.

Using the latest industry standards, Altran provides the programmatic and technical expertise necessary to determine the condition of our customers buried piping and provide cost effective solutions as needs arise. Altran specializes in developing piping inspection, monitoring and maintenance programs to provide our customer with the tools he or she needs for maximizing piping system life.

For our nuclear customers Altran integrates its buried piping capabilities with its Life Cycle Management program abilities thus providing the necessary support to our customers seeking operating license extension.

Altran is the industry leader in the field of Flow Accelerated Corrosion and has performed program development/enhancement, outage support, and independent reviews for over 150 different nuclear and fossil units. Aaron Kelley, Director of Engineering Programs

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