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FAC Manager-Fossil

The most advanced FAC Program management tool in North America today just got better

Altran has expanded our suite of power plant solutions by releasing a new version of FAC Manager designed specifically for Fossil plants. FAC Manager is the most widely used software for flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) program management in North America, and our latest web-based version provides a reliable, customizable tool that incorporates two decades of experience.

This all in one solution is the most advanced FAC program management software available. FAC Manager-Fossil is web-based software that helps utility engineers manage piping and component degradation. The software was originally deployed in a desktop environment in the mid-1990’s based largely on experience and input from power plant FAC Program engineers. The software has been continually improved and updated, utilizing the inputs from program engineers. The web-based version can be accessed at www.facmanager.com from any computer with an Internet connection and current browser software.

FAC Manager Fossil’s more powerful features increase the efficiency and savings of your program. 

Get Organized

Multiple data sources are securely organized and consolidated into one location, promoting centralized program management and allowing for increased consistency across units and locations. With FAC Manager-Fossil’s intuitive interface, information—from inspection files to risk analysis, from trouble reports to replacement histories—can easily be retrieved and used to prioritize inspections, decrease analysis time, and reduce the risk of failure in your plants.


Take Control

Your data—including drawings, documents, and reports—is always current. Our cloud-based platform provides fast access to your information from anywhere without software installation or updating issues. FAC Manager-Fossil’s built-in tools ensure that your program remains robust and facilitates the implementation of a proactive approach that minimizes risk and increases efficiency. Streamlined and intuitive, the program allows users to control how many of the functions and analysis operate to meet specific needs. Accurate, comprehensive risk ranking strengthens program safety while using resources effectively. Coupled with the Susceptibility Evaluation functionality, these tools help ensure that high risk areas are identified and prioritized based on your specific criteria.


Move Forward

Planning for the future has never been easier. FAC Manager-Fossil’s Inspection Scope Builder is a powerful yet intuitive guide to efficient and thorough selection of inspection locations. The automated Fitness For Service calculations ensure that you know when each location needs to be re-inspected. More than two dozen built-in reports allow you to quickly extract needed information. Features such as Inspection Scope Builder assist in selecting inspections on lines that have the highest risk profile. This allows the user to focus inspection resources efficiently, where they are most needed.





Save Money

The comprehensive, customizable nature of the program streamlines implementation of your FAC Program, resulting in faster inspection scope selection, reduced inspections due to over-conservative component wear / wear rate evaluations, and more rapid return to service decisions during outages. Web enablement means less need for travel, maintenance, and technical support—further reducing costs.

At Altran, we’re continually looking for new ideas to help our customers, and the power industry at large, to improve their abilities to effectively and efficiently manage their inspection programs in order to make their plants a safer working environment. Our newly released FAC Manager-Fossil software will aid utilities in effectively managing their resources for their Flow Accelerated Corrosion Programs. This tool will support the implementation of an effective program and will support cost savings by properly managing and evaluating plant inspections. Aaron Kelley, Director of Engineering Programs

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