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Coal-Fired Assets

Our engineering and design services have been utilized for generation of general arrangement drawings, electrical one-line, schematic and physical wiring diagrams, piping drawings, P&IDs, procurement specifications, installation specifications, hydraulic flow analysis, piping stress analysis, operating system procedure development and field engineering services. 

Typical projects for which services have been rendered include:

  • Generating Station Balance-of-Plant Additions, Replacements and Upgrades
    • Feedwater Heater / Deaerator Replacements
    • Feedwater Pump Replacements
    • Boiler Igniter Replacements
    • Boiler Combustion Controls Upgrades
    • Turbine Controls Upgrades
    • Generator Step-up Transformer Replacements
    • River Water Pump House & Supply Pipeline Addition
    • Platforms
    • Transformer, Breaker and other BOP equipment Replacements
    • Arc Flash, Short Circuit, Protective Device Coordination and Grounding Studies
  • Generating Station Environmental Controls
    • Fly Ash Handling System
    • Bottom Ash Handling System
    • Mercury Sorbent System
    • Gas Turbine Fog Intercooling and NOx Water Injection Systems
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • High Pressure Piping and Pipe Support Design
    • Cogeneration Steam Export
    • Combined Cycle – Small Bore Piping Installation
  • HVAC / Heat Recovery Projects
  • Fire Protection System Engineering and Design
Robert Kenul, Director of Non-Nuclear Generation

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