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Black Start Generators

RiverBay black Start Generator System Project

Altran has successfully engineered, constructed and installed, commissioned a 1.5 Mw,(1500kW), Diesel Generator to the existing Cogen plant to add Black Start and Peak Shaving capacity for the facility.

Altran handled all permitting including TitleV Air Permitting, design/construction for site &foundation, equipment tie ins and required electrical switchgear, interconnections with Con Ed feeders and as well DCS control logic development.

Riverbay was formed pursuant to Alticle II of the Private Housing Finance Law, referred to as the "Mitchell-Lama" program, to provide affordable housing for middle income households. Riverbay consists of 15,372 residential units, 14,900 of which are residential apartments located in 35 high-rise towers and 472 of which are townhouses located in seven (7) separate clusters. Riverbay also contains three (3) separate shopping centers, 50 commercial offices located on the ground floor of the various high rise towers, 8 multi-story garages with 10,790 parking spaces, a forty megawatt (40MW) electric generating facility, and various recreational and community facilities. Riverbay has over 1,000 employees, including its own police force, and is home to approximately 60,000 individuals

In March of 2011, Riverbay certified its cogeneration facility as a QF with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The newly existing Cogeneration Plant is a nominal 40 MW combined cycle plant, consisting of two dual fuel Siemens SGT-400 Gas Turbines with a nominalrating of 12.9 MW; two once through steam generators; a dual fuel 150,000 pph Auxiliary Boiler;and a 15 MW steam turbine.

Each unit can operate alone or in conjunction with other units. The combination of one Combustion Turbine and the Steam turbine are required for supplying Coop City's load. All units are connected through a common electric system so that production can either match Coop City's load, thereby displacing the need for Con Ed to supply this power, or ramped up to produce more power than required by Coop City.

Coop City installed new switch gear and meters to enable the power plant to interconnect with Con Ed's local grid. The electric service interconnection is supplied by four 26.4 kV feeders that connect directly to Con Edison's Parkchester substation.

Now with Altran’s successful integration of the the Black Start Generator with the plant DCS permits paralleling of the generator to be used as a peak shaver option to provide the NYC grid with an additional 1.5 MW of electricity during peak high demand as well as providing Black Start capability to assist in restart of the plant given black out condition.

Robert Kenul, Director of Non-Nuclear Generation

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