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Altran provides high value engineering, consulting and transformation services during the key stages of the Asset Management lifecycle for energy production and delivery facilities worldwide.

Disruptive trends are driving a revolution in the energy industry. The changes are profound in terms of their scope, velocity, and systemic impacts. The acceleration of technology innovation is upending traditional business models, in particular for those energy industry sectors that manage the Asset Lifecyle for major energy and industrial facilities.

Digitization impacts every stage of the energy and industrial Asset Lifecyle, from Front End Engineering and Design into Detailed Engineering and Design, then during Construction and Commissioning, continuing into Operations and Maintenance, Modification and Facility Repurposing and Decommissioning.

Overshadowing the decades long Energy and Industrial Asset Lifecycle is the ever-changing concern and focus on environmental impacts of major energy and industrial facilities and the push toward clean energy and energy efficiency.

Altran’s deep domain experience in developing and delivering major industrial facilities for utilities, independent power developers, oil and gas companies, renewable energy developers, nuclear power operators and industrial manufacturers combined with our technology consulting services, World Class Center for Data Analytics, and Global Development Centers for Programming provide unique value in deploying the Digital Roadmap.

Explore our website to learn more about our capabilities throughout the Asset Lifecycle for energy and industrial facilities, and our capabilities for developing and implementing digitization programs.

Energy & Utility Challenges

Working daily on real issues and helping clients address the challenges they face enhances our services utility

We understand that our clients in the energy industry are confronted with several major challenges such as providing sustainable energy, optimizing fossil fuel recovery and engineering alternative energy sources.

Altran’s team of consultants dedicated to the energy sector employ their skills throughout the US and Europe (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden).

Combining economic growth and well being for all is the main challenge to overcome energy-related challenges

The world must be able to sustain the level of energy consumption per capita required to support the economic build-up of emerging markets.

This presents several challenges, such as 1/ extracting fossil fuels under more extreme, more economical and safer conditions; 2/ building up refining capacity; 3/ reducing nuclear waste and 4/ ensuring more reliable means for transporting electricity.

Whatever our level of energy consumption, we must limit the extent of pollution created by existing manufacturing processes, reduce our consumption and develop consistent, reliable and clean forms of alternative energy.

Energy & Utilities Market

Understanding the market

To gain a better understanding of the market, Altran has adopted a three-pronged approach:

  • Identify the market-challenge areas where the Group’s services and solutions bring the best of our expertise (e.g. Digital Control assessment and upgrades engineering),
  • Acquire a more in-depth understanding of certain challenges that would help enhance our scope of expertise and range of solutions (e.g. energy efficiency in Industry)
  • Facilitate cooperation between our specialized teams and partners in order to fulfill specific needs (e.g. EU calls for energy-related tenders).

Providing client support and specialized expertise creates value for our customers and makes Altran an ideal partner.

Altran operates in the major segments of the energy-producing industry, namely in the oil and gas, electricity and renewable energy utilities, and nuclear sectors. We also provide support in the energy consumer sectors, particularly to customers investing in energy consumption optimization.

Our expertise in the energy industry covers the fields of engineering, safety and the regulatory compliance of equipment and facilities, project management as well as commissioning and procurement. Within the context of competitive liberalization, we help set up energy-supply enhancement services. In addition, we optimize the energy mix, as well as the efficiency of tertiary services and industrial facilities.

Project References

United States

Engineering and Design - Utilities
  • Management of efficient engineering and design solutions for new combustion turbines


Management consulting - Nuclear energy
  • Management and technical monitoring solutions for a nuclear-plant construction project


Sustainable development - Renewable energies
  • Development of a renewable-energy systems concept and design for an energetic autonomy project in Vlieland in the North of Holland


Product optimization for an offshore oil rig - Oil & Gas
  • Optimization of the safeguarding sequence of the underwater lines of an oil field


System engineering & Architecture – Nuclear Energy
  • Analysis and preparation of the New Safe Confinement contract to upgrade or replace the existing shelter



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