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Skype: When Skype wanted to launch international mobile chat, audio and video conferencing, they chose Lohika as their strategic partner.

Integrating the world’s most popular video and voice conferencing tool with the world’s most popular social media site is technically challenging. Skype has 300 million users worldwide and supports 1.4 trillion voice and video connections every day. Skype needed world class engineering teams up for the task, and Lohika delivered.

The Challenge

  • Skype wanted 2G mobile phone users to be able to place Skype calls
  • Skype wanted to become the VOIP calling solution for Facebook video calling
  • Skype wanted to embed its click to call feature in websites around the world

The Solution

  • Enabled video calls on Facebook network of 200M Skype users connecting to 800M Facebook users
  • Created back-end of Skype for Mobile
  • Lohika supported the transition from waterfall to distributed agile methodologies
  • Assisted with the introduction of Java framework
  • Introduced modern DevOps approaches to minimize maintenance time & implement modern cloud-enabled platform to scale existing products

The Result

  • 1.4 billion Facebook users have the ability to complete a voice or video call instantly from a browser
  • Mobile calls and Click to Call delivered significant revenue
  • Relationship has lasted nine years


Openet: Helping the world's top service provider optimize their financial performance and effectively manage networks is a difficult and sophisticated undertaking.

Openet technology manages the decision making and interactions that translate network activity into revenue for companies around the world. Openet’s core business and expertise is in real-time BSS and they sought out an elite engineering team to help them build out their software products. Openet selected Lohika.

The Challenge

  • Openet was built on a Legacy architecture and faced a significant lack of frameworks
  • Lohika chose to implement a more nimble architecture that is modular and scalable
  • The Openet environment utilized complex and tightly coupled Java and C++ code

The Solution

  • Lohika performed core product development
  • Lohika team members worked directly with Openet customers
  • The teams implemented significant development process change
  • Internal and external teams transitioned from waterfall to distributed agile methodologies
  • Lohika modernized the DevOps approach
  • Refactored key components to allow the system’s future evolution

The Result

  • Increased number and velocity of customer deployments
  • Faster product development due to rapid team ramp up
  • More flexible team compositions allow Openet to address new development challenges more effectively than with internal resources only

Customer Testimonials

One of the many “benefits” of being VP Engineering is you’ll get 100 emails about outsourced development shops that want to help you.  But you can ignore them all because Lohika is who you should work with! We’ve used them for years and they are top notch.

I highly recommend them if you have high priority project you just can’t get to with your internal team.”

We use them for offshore development and they are excellent. More like a real extension of your team vs "offshore guys”.    

Todd McKinnon, CEO and Co-Founder, Okta

As a startup based in Silicon Valley, attracting talent is always a challenge. Partnering with Lohika has allowed us to quickly scale our engineering team with high-caliber talent. They came up to speed very quickly and have delivered for us. Even on leading edge technologies such as big data, they've supplied us with the kind of talent that would've been very challenging to attract onshore. In summary, partnering with Lohika has turned out to be a strategic advantage for Tidemark and we strongly recommend them to other companies considering outsourcing.

Christian Gheorghe, Founder and CEO, Tidemark